New Bedrooms

When we bought our house 12 years ago, it had a double garage. Right away, we carved one garage in half to make a bedroom for my mother. When she moved out, my sister moved in to that room. The other garage was halved a few years later when we had a bedroom built for one of our daughters. I suppose we could still park a smart car or a motorbike in the remains of the garages, but we used them for storage and a workbench. Now our daughter’s room is being demoted to a storage room and a spot for our freezer and we are filling in the rest of the garage with two bedrooms for our oldest girls. The carpenter and dry waller have taken care of the walls; the garage doors have been dismantled and sold and the space filled in with a wall and windows. I took on the electrical work. So I sent Ann off on numerous trips to buy wire, fixtures, receptacles, circuit breakers and what-not. I worked for an electrician for a month in my first job 30 years ago and I’ve put in a fair amount of outlets and lights over the years. But this was my first experience of doing the entire job! It’s challenging to drill the passage through 8 inches of studs with a bit just 4 inches long! And at first I put the circuit breakers for the electric heaters on the same phase which meant that they didn’t work. But eventually I figured everything out!  Now the rooms are almost ready for paint and the flooring. Then I can wire up a light and some workbench outlets in our new shed under the deck and we’ll be all set!


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