Our Dog is Dieing

ChrissyChrissy looks fine and acts normally 99.9% of the time, but she is probably not going to live much longer. A few weeks ago, she started gagging at night. Normally, gagging is a sign that she has eaten something that she shouldn’t have and she is about to throw up. Then we throw her outside until she gets it over with. Then we interrogate the kids to find out who left food or candy out. Since it was close to Halloween, we thought she had gotten into some chocolate. But she didn’t throw up. And she continued to have gagging spells every hour of the night. When this went on a second night, Ann took her to the animal hospital. They diagnosed her as having an enlarged heart that was causing fluid to build up in her lungs. A diuretic quickly dried her out and stopped the gagging. But when the diuretic ran out, the gagging resumed with a vengeance. Now Chrissy was gasping for breath. After another trip to the hospital, she was put on two additional medications that strengthen her heart’s output. She has some minor gags occasionally, but seems fine. Her days of going on walks are over, so she is now a lapdog. She is still energetic and runs to get her food in the morning. She is about 9 1/2 years old. Shih-tzus can live to be 17, so this isn’t old. We will miss her when she goes and it is unlikely that we will get another dog. She has been a great companion and sleep-mate to me.


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One Response to Our Dog is Dieing

  1. I just had her put down. It was a blessing that she lived more than two months before she became too sick to live. We will start looking for another Shi-tzu soon.

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