Do You Like Photography?

I shot my first wedding last weekend. My co-worker asked me half a year ago to take pictures for her. It was an outdoor wedding and the weather was perfect. I didn’t have to worry about screwing up because two other people took pictures too. But I shot the most and was the primary photographer. I borrowed my sister’s DSLR and tripod, then pored through the manual to learn how to use the thing. The camera wouldn’t go to menus the manual promised were there. Also, the display only showed settings; I couldn’t use it as a viewfinder. After two days of bashing my head against the wall trying to set up the camera, I was frustrated. It was the morning of the wedding, and I could only get the camera to work in a very basic automatic mode. I hit the manual one more time and found out how to reset the camera to factory settings. This worked! Now I could set it to shoot continuously, and the display finally worked normally.

I shot 351 pictures and used 2.5 gigs of memory. I deleted 40 blurry or poorly framed pictures and burned the rest to a DVD. I figure that about 20 pictures were very good, but a lot of the rest was ok. My friend was happy with the results, and I got good feedback about the 3 or 4 pictures I uploaded to facebook. If I’d had a couple of remote flashes with diffusers (those white umbrellas), and had been willing to mess around with RAW formatting and GIMP, the results would have been perfect!


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