Ballet and Work

I’ve been singing with my choir for over two decades, but I’m having a unique concert with them in a few weeks.   I’ve performed Carmina Burana with them a number of times before; it was one of our former director’s favorite piece.  But this time we are performing it with dancers.  The Victoria Ballet is performing it with us!  We had our first rehearsal with them this week.  Fascinating!
I’m working five days a week at Ozanam again.  When I returned, I wasn’t a permanent part of any group; I was assigned wherever I was needed.  For the first month, I worked with my old group – the Senior’s.  Then I helped one of our Social Skills groups until Christmas.  Now I seem to have landed in my own group.  I work with my buddy John.  He is in a wheelchair, so I help him with his lunch and with his other needs.  We go out on the city bus to check out various malls with others in our group.  We also are starting to go on walks in various parks and pathways now that Spring is here.  John is very excited that we will be touring the studios of his favorite radio station: KOOL FM!  There are three of us key workers working with eight participants in this group.  It’s nice to have a new home and new friends at work!

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