Some assembly required

I should see it coming by now, but I still get caught.  Ann brings something home, I go to take a look and end up spending days assembling the darn thing.
A couple of years ago, our garden shed arrived as a pile of lumber, a sheet of instructions, and a week of work.  This week, we acquired a car-top carrier.  It fooled me by arriving in a large box.  The box was large enough to excite the girls.  They instantly had designs on it for playing in.  So at 8 in the evening (after completing my essential facebooking!) I opened the box.  Out came the two halves of the carrier, a bag of hardware rubble, and the nightmare sheet pictured above.  Two days later, one misinterpretation of the instructions (requiring taking one section apart again) and one skinned knuckle later, we have more cargo capacity.


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