26 Random Things about Albert

My Facebook friends have been posting 25 Random Things about themselves.  I went one better and posted 26.  I’ve copied my list here:

1. I reluctantly started a new job a month ago and I’m loving it, though I miss the friends I left behind at the old job.

2. I’ve worked for The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Victoria for over 20 years in 4 different positions.

3. St. Vinnie’s is a good fit for me because I love to help people. My life’s purpose is to make a difference in this world.

4. This vision also had me running a warehouse as a volunteer to collect material goods for Nicaraguans for three years.

5. I bike to my job downtown. I’ve biked since I was 5 years old. As a
kid I biked all over our region exploring, getting lost, and loving it.

6. In 1992 I biked across Canada with 43 others. It was organized by
"Tour du Canada" which does this annually. We left on July 1 from
Vancouver’s Stanley Park and arrived in St. John’s Newfoundland on Sept
15. I’m still riding the bike I bought for that trip.

7. Ann and I married in 1993 and we have 4 girls.

8. One of my daughters was diagnosed as being highly functioning, but
on the Autistic spectrum. This is likely genetic, and there is some
evidence to support that I may be autistic too.

9. For example, I have no friends but many acquaintances, and I like it
that way. My favorite activity is playing card games on the computer
while listening to talk radio (usually CBC Radio One)

10. I am a Christian and a member of Christ Community Church. I teach
Sunday School, serve on the Offering Counting Committee, and am the
payroll clerk.

11. I love music, though I don’t yet play any instruments. I’ve sung
with the Victoria Choral Society for 22 years and am the Tenor section
leader. I’m currently rehearsing Vivaldi’s Gloria and Mozart’s Grand
Mass. I love Handel’s Messiah and sing it from memory.

12. I also love the music of old Pink Floyd, Bruce Cockburn, Dire
Straits and used to be an intense fan of Supertramp. I like to stream
techno sometimes.

13. I have a BA in History from Calvin College in Grand Rapids
Michigan. I studied the first 3 years of this program at The King’s
University College in Edmonton Alberta. I am one credit short of a
minor in Philosophy and Theology. I also took a bunch of Biology before
I gave up on the sciences.

14. I love animals, and animals love me. I had guinea pigs when I was a
child. I reluctantly adopted a cat just before I got married, but fell
in love with her. After she died, I reluctantly got my first dog, who I
also fell in love with. She sleeps on my bed whenever I’m in the
bedroom on the computer and also at night. My daughter has a cockatiel
which would love to stay on my shoulder all day.

15. I have an odd sense of humor, which should be nothing new to anyone who has met me and is reading this!

16. I am a cheapskate and almost never spend any money on myself.

17. I get tired quickly and make it through the day with antidepressants and naps.

18. Until a couple of months ago, I had watched almost no TV for over 5
years. Now I’ve been streaming old episodes of "Lost". I’ll be starting
season 3 today.

19. I love to read, but am usually too tired so I read only a few books a year. I do read the newspaper.

20. I love Sudoku and am moderately good at it. I also like playing Scrabble here on Facebook, though I lose a lot of games.

21. I try to live my life in a globally sustainable manner. This affects my attitude towards transportation and diet.

22. I still have some of my baby teeth. I am a dentist’s nightmare.

23. It is Valentine’s Day and I have no self-control when it comes to
chocolate. I’ve eaten 5 Lindt chocolates while writing this.
Fortunately, that was all the chocolates I had, or I’d eat myself sick!

24. I can understand Dutch, since I learned it as a baby. But I can hardly speak it.

25. I invented a cure for hiccups, posted it on my website and used to
get emails from people all over the world who were helped by it.

26. I’ve compiled the genealogy of my family. So far, I’ve got over 2000 people listed.


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