Back to School

In September, for the first time in 21 years, I went back to school.  My employer put me through a course at the local community college on Monday and Tuesday mornings to upgrade my job skills.  I’ve had to write a 7 page paper, write a couple of exams, and test my skills in a lab exam.  The lab is a simulated hospital ward with mannequins in the beds.  We learn how to bathe and transfer the dummies.  Fortunately this course is much easier than the ones I took in my BA program.  It is part of the program required nowadays for my job.  I’d never had it before, because I started working before it existed and got "grandfathered" into my position.  It’s been very informative, and I’ve been able to talk to the other students about Ozanam, which hopefully will help them consider working there!

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