Time Off

Since I’ve been working longer than anyone else at my location, I get lots of holidays.  This has nothing to do with seniority, it’s just that the more years you’ve put in, the more holidays you get.  Now I get more than I can use.  I have some commitment to my work, so I don’t want to abandon the people who need me.  Often we don’t have enough replacement staff.  Sometimes I have something going that I can’t leave.  So I haven’t had a week off for months.  Until this week!  In a perfect world I would have done this a month ago.  I have to fill out the charity return for my church.  It’s like a tax return gone to hell.  I need a lot of time to spend on it exclusively.  Every year it gets done late.  This year was supposed to be different.  But I had no time.  Well, I’ll do it this week.  It renews my church’s charity status every year.  My brother and sister are in town for a few days too.  I’ll spend time with them first, then get to the paperwork.  Ann is threatening me with a jobbie list too!

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