When you have kids, the kids have pets.  My older daughters have experimented with bird ownership.  First we had a canary.  Beautiful singing filled the house.  Sometimes it was too loud, but we liked the singing.  6 months later it died.  We got another canary.  6 months later it died.  We gave up on canaries and got two budgies.  The girls were excited.  One boy budgie plus one girl budgie should mean baby budgies.  Should have meant baby budgies.  But our budgies weren’t lovers, they were fighters.  Constant bickering.  The girls were disenchanted.  Mom ended up cleaning the cage.  But we have an understanding bird shop.  They allowed us to trade in the budgies on a straight exchange for a cockatiel.  This bird is 4 years old and was hand raised.  Loves people.  Hates to be in the cage.  Loves to sit on anyone’s shoulder.  Clamors to be taken out of the cage whenever people are around.  Maria has bonded with her.  She (and Ann and I) let her perch on our shoulders for an hour at a time.  When Ann’s mother was away, we had her young parrot here too.  He also clamors to be out of the cage.  It’s amazing how social birds can be!

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