10th Anniversary of my Web Site

When I got my Victoria Freenet account in the spring of 1993, I got it for its crude text-only internet access and email. I’m still using its email address as my main account 14 years later. You can’t imagine how much spam I have to filter out! This was before the World Wide Web was created with the http addresses and click on links that we take for granted today. But when this emerged, the Freenet offered easy to configure web spaces for its users. I didn’t take advantage of this for the first couple of years. I didn’t see any point in putting up information about myself. But at the same time I was researching my genealogy. Eventually I decided it would be good if fellow researchers could find me on their search engines so that we could share information. So in the Spring of 1997 I put up a web site with a main page about me and my family with links to my genealogy research pages. Soon I put up pages of my favourite links as well. For the first couple of years, I could only access this with my text only LYNX browser on my Freenet account. Graphics like colors and pictures were possible for me to program, but impossible for me to view. I would email friends or family to get them to tell me if the site looked OK. When we became pregnant with Maria later in 1997, I put up a blog to tell our community how things were progressing. Some friends visited us in the hospital after I posted an entry saying that we were in labor! But that was the last of my blogging efforts until a couple of years ago when I started this Spaces blog. I put up the Hiccup cure page as an experiment to see how quickly search engines pick up a new page. It being one of the few practically useful pages on my site means that it gets more hits than any other. I used to get lots of email thanking me for curing people of their hiccups! It has fallen back in the search rankings lately, so it still gets hits, but generates little feedback. I used to have separate pages describing how my kids were developing, but for security reasons I have pulled those down. When the kids get older, I may let them design their own pages if they choose to.
I know that the layout and design of the site are a bit tired, but it still does its job. Since it doesn’t get more than a couple of hits a day, it would be a waste of time for me to put a lot of energy into it. But I’d welcome your feedback.

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