Garden Shed

Ann had been looking for a garden shed for a couple of years.  Sometimes she would see an ad offering one for free or for cheap.  But these never panned out.  So she finally bought a new one from Home Depot.  She asked me to help her pick it up.  When we got there, I discovered that the expression "Some assembly required" would be quite an understatement.  Our "shed" was nothing more than a pile of lumber and 3 pages of plans!  At least all the lumber was cut to size, so it is a step above starting from scratch.  I’ve spent all my spare moments for the past month putting it up.  Not bad for a guy who had never done any framing or roofing before!  It’s an 8 X 14 cedar shed.  It sits on 3 garden ties, has cedar siding and a shake roof.  I just finished the roofing.  I have to build the door, finish up the corners, and install the siding in the peaks of the roof.  The latter is the only tricky part since the peak is triangle shaped which means I’ll have to cut the corners off of each piece before I install it.  But what angle?  And how much do I cut?  Every piece is different and I have to measure to figure it out.  But the shed is almost done!  Doesn’t look too bad either.  Can’t see my mistakes unless you look really close.  I didn’t get the measurements right when I framed the studs(I was an inch out), so I had a bit of fudging to do when I nailed the siding on them.  The roofing doesn’t quite cover the front and back fascia (the 1 X 6 that goes on the edge of the peaks), and I must have set the 1X4 flooring too tight, because some of them are buckling up against eachother.  Don’t look too close to the first couple of rows of roofing either; they wander a bit!  Well be parking the bikes in the shed when it’s done.  Ann tells me every day how great the shed looks.  I think she’s mainly glad that she’s not the one building it!

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