Another Geek in the house

Now that our youngest daughter is in kindergarten, Ann is able to start working part-time.  She had been a remedial teacher in our pre-kid life.  Now she’s been hired as as a tutor for high school students who home school over the internet.  This is ironic because Ann is computer phobic.  That’s not to say that she is afraid of computers.  She had one in 1990 for her university studies.  And those were the days when many of us still used typewriters.  The World Wide Web hadn’t been invented yet and I was still messing around with a Commodore 64, but she had a relatively advanced 286!  Since then she emails occasionally, does some correspondence as clerk for our church council, but has ignored the computer as much as she can.  She certainly doesn’t play games, surf the Net, chat, or do anything else for fun on the computer.  So now she’s gotten herself a job that pins her to the Net for a couple of hours every day!  I had to install Skype for her to talk to her students and superiors with.  We’ve been mooching our internet connection off of Mom’s cheapo "Litespeed" cablemodem account.  I sometimes get a 25 kbps connection, but it’s often been more like 10.  I was surprised that Skype worked at this speed!  Now we’re going to have to upgrade to a 300 or even a 500 kbps connection.  Ann might buy a laptop too.  I had already upgraded our 233 to a 466 (probably the reason why my internet speed is better lately) so we might make do with our present machine.  I’ve got another 466 Win98 machine networked in for the kids to play their games, and a 500 is networked in the bedroom.  So we won’t have to fight for computer time.

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