St. Matthew Passion

Since January, my choir has had it’s most gruelling set of rehearsals since I joined in 1987. The symphony asked us and another choir to perform Bach’s St. Matthew Passion with them. This piece is about 3 hours long, is written for two choirs, and is in German! Quite a challenge! To make it even more interesting, the other choir was founded this season by our former director whom we had had a falling out with. Probably because of the bad blood between us, the other choir backed out. Normally our choir has between 110-140 voices, but due to the crisis last year with our director, we’d fallen to a 25 year low of 70 voices. Now we had to split this small choir in two to cover the dual chorusses! We brought in some "ringers" from another choir which bumped us up to 80 voices. Our director donated his time to come in on Saturdays for 4 hours on top of the usual 2 hours on Tuesdays. With rehearsing 3 times as much as normal, we pulled it off! I think the symphony had to pull back its volume when we sang so that it wouldn’t bury us, but our two concerts went well! This has been an exhausting week. Rehearsals or concerts on seven of the eight evenings. I tire easily with my health issues, so I’ve taken 3 days off work to recuperate. It’s well worth the fatigue! Oh yes, I tried dietting to fit into my tux pants, but it’s getting harder every concert. So I surrendered and got new pants. Well, I can’t stay the same size forever as I was when I got married. Oh well. The realities of life! I’m certainly not fat (yet!) though I do have a bit of a spare tire now. Tonight we start rehearsing the Mozart Requiem (also with the symphony), which I’ve never done. Should be fun!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Interesting entry about the choir.  I would like to know more dirt about this bad blood and the falling out with the previous director.  Like the guy said in the movie "A Mighty Wind":  "Wha\’ happened?  I can\’t do my werrrk!  I got a liddle red wagon!"  It\’s also good to know that Albert can no longer fit into his 28 inch pants.  I don\’t think I could fit into my pants from Albert\’s wedding if I had all my internal organs removed.
    So……tell me more!  Inquiring minds want to know, indeed, need to know.

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