A New Voice in our Home.

After Gamma the fish died a month ago, I was the only male in our family of 5 women and a dog.  Now the testosterone shortage has been lessened by Maria’s birthday present.  Sammy the canary joined our family today.  He’s singing up a storm.  Chrissy the dog stares at him for hours.  She isn’t sure what to make of him!
Actually there are other males in our home too.  Since September we’ve been taking in Asian students for extra income.  Normally we have two in our extra bedroom, but during our two week spring break we have four boys.  Two Japanese boys speak and understand almost no english and are only here for the break.  Two Chinese boys have been with us off and on since October and will be with us for another six months or so whenever their parents are out of town.  All the students we’ve had are about 15 years old and without exception have been great with the kids and a pleasure to have in our home.

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