Goodbye Electrical Shop, Hello Computer Classroom
Upper Management decided that my electrical donation testing and repair program was no longer a good use of building space, so they gave the order to shut it down.  My old shop is beng carved up into office space and a small electrical donation processing area which won’t involve mentally challenged helpers.  So I’ve been reassigned to the computer classroom program.  I will help our mentally challenged program participants surf the net, write journals, and develop computer skills.  Most of the other staff are computer illiterate, so they welcome my involvement.  I’ll likely be more involved in other activities in our day program.  Before I was confined to the shop by the need to process the constant stream of incoming donations.  Now I can include myself in field trips and other excursions with our participants, and I can join other activities at the centre.  It’s a drag the program I’ve worked in for 16 years has been shut down.  I’ll miss tinkering and being challenged by the repair projects that I had before.  But the new program will provide new opportunities for me too.  It has been stressfull for me.  I’m already losing sleep.  But it’s much harder for my mentally challenged crew.  They don’t respond well to changes.  Hopefully the new range of activities will give them a program that can work for them.  But they have enjoyed the more intimate environment of the old program.  The noise and chaos of having 50 other people around will be hard to get used to.  They have avoided participating in the other programs because of this.  Now they have no choice.  I pray that they will be able to adapt.

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