Work Renovations

At work, we’ve been renovating our building for the past four months.  Seismic upgrades.  New bathrooms and paint.  So most of our programs moved to a church basement nearby.  I stayed put because my shop is in a new part of the building and I have to stay with the processing plant where all my work comes from.  Also, I’m the techie on staff, so I handled the changes to our computer and phone networks in the building.  We have an 11 station phone system at our location.  The renovations inadvertantly knocked out 3 of the stations.  So I took the phone board apart, took a day to make sense of the masses of tangled phone wire, then fixed things.  Replaced a few blown fuses and ran phone cable through the ceilings and connected things up again.  I’d never touched this system before, but the company that serviced it is out of business and the only tech who could handle it is in another city.  Nice feeling to be able to solve this puzzle!
Everyone moves back into the building on Monday.  It will be nice to have all my friends back again!  It’s been a bit too quiet lately.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Albert, I eagerly await your next blog entry. Tell me more, tell me more, tell me more…….

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