Recycled TV

Working for a thrift store has its perks.  Years ago, we had a rear projection tv donated to us.  Our day program for the handicapped bought it and used it until about a year ago.  The buttons on the front had broken and the only way to use it was with a remote control.  Since the remote hadn’t been donated with it, I programmed a universal remote to work for it.  This worked to a fashion.  We could do basic things like turn it on and off, change the channels and volume, but more advanced functions were lost.  Most importantly, we couldn’t use the AV hookups; we could only use a VCR on channel 4.  When the program decided to replace the TV, I bought it.  Since it was pretty beat up, I only had to pay $100 for it.  The screen was scratched but it was still watchable.
A few months later, I got through the donations a dead tv of the same brand (not the same model) with a compatible remote.  Now I could make all the functions work!  This week things got even better.  Someone donated the same model tv.  It was dead, but I removed the controls and the screen.  I transplanted these parts onto my unit and now I have a perfectly functioning 40 inch tv!  Sometimes good things come to those that wait!

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