Victoria Day Weekend

Home alone with the dog this Monday evening.  Ann has a weekend away with the girls.  She does this annually on this weekend.  The older girls have gone to a cabin on the sunshine coast with their aunt and grandma.  I just dropped off the younger girls at a sleepover at their old foster home, so now I’m alone.  It’s peaceful! 

Busy morning.  Went to the parade.  Canada (probably the whole commonwealth too) celebrates Victoria Day this weekend.  My city of Victoria celebrates it big.  We hold the largest parade in Canada on this day.  The Calgary Stampede is the only other Canadian parade that gets close to what we do.  The parade starts at 8 AM and runs till about 1 PM.  The girls and I lasted until 11:30 which is a record for our family so far.  Many American bands come up to participate.  I’ve heard it’s a warmup for the Superbowl for them.  The girls loved the clowns, the floats, the animal costumes, and lusted after the balloons.


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