Every time a choir concert nears, I face a dilemna.  I have to fit into my tux.  I bought it 12 years ago for my wedding and it fit fine until this past year.  Then I started to develop a "spare tire".  Yes, I’m turning 40 this year and it shows!  If I can keep my weight below 170, I’ll fit into my tux.  Last week I was 175.  Now I’m 173, but there are only 4 days left.  So I’m only eating salad for supper, rice cakes for snacks, and this morning I only had an apple for breakfast.  I used to darn near die if I missed a meal, but this has been going fine (so far!)


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One Response to Diet

  1. Unknown says:

    Albert, you are SICK if you want to fit into a tux from twelve years ago. SICK! I have a tummy too and you don\’t see me bemoaning the fact that I can\’t fit into my 28 inch waist jeans anymore! Go have some ice cream.

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